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Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nursing department provides excellent care combined with dignity for our residents and patients. Professionally staffed around the clock, we give your loved one comfort and specialized care.

Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Each of our residents comes to us with very different and specific rehab needs. Our entire rehabilitation team is committed to creating individualized therapy programs that directly answer those specific needs. We encourage each resident to achieve their maximum potential of independence and ability.

Wound Care

Our knowledgeable staff provides quality wound care to those suffering from wounds from post-surgery to normal skin aging. Our goal is to promote healing and prevent recurrence. We care for wounds gently and respectfully, developing a custom treatment plan and monitoring the site for signs of infection.

Palliative Care

Our Palliative Care team provides specialized medical care for those suffering from serious illnesses. Our specially-trained team consists of doctors, nurses and other specialists who will work together to provide pain and symptom control, emotional support, family/caregiver support, and proper communication between the resident and the family.

Activities Program

A positive and uplifting atmosphere is vital to the success of healing, recovery, and rehabilitation. Peninsula Post-Acute employs outgoing and friendly professional staff to create social programs and activities to fit the residents’ needs. We provide a monthly activity calendar to each resident to keep them informed of upcoming events. Friends and family are always welcome to visit and attend our special events.

Social Services

Social services provide essential information, manages requests and concerns, coordinates appointments, maintains contact and open communication between the facility, families, and the residents, and assists with care planning and discharge planning for each resident.

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